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Eddie Renzo

Studio: RandyBlue

From the moment you lay eyes on Eddie Renzo you know theres something special about him. Is it the handsome face? The beautiful musculature that covers his mostly smooth body? The exotic looking tattoos that adorn his firm shoulders? Or the substantial handful of cock hes got swinging between his legs? I would have to say all of the above and then some. Eddie was so much fun to work with because hes so sure of himself. He got amazing self-confidence without coming off as cocky. He loves to have fun and is down for basically everything. He hardly needed any direction and I could tell he loved showing off his body. I really think he was getting off on knowing people would be watching his video. He told me he loves to go to the beach in speedos so I knew he wasnt shy. And really, when you have a body that good why hide it? He was such a natural working that hot cock of his, and when I suggested he show off his ass he arched his back so that it raised high up in the air and his hole was open and ready. Then he started working his finger in and did his best to show off what a sexual creature he is. And by the time he shoots a huge think load hell have you so worked up youll have to join him.

It's Gonna Hurt – Latin love on a huge dick 720p

This week on itsgonnahurt we got this guy Ram Soto. He is a Mexican Puerto Rican who love sucking dick. This guy was scared because not only was this his first interracial scene but it was his first giant dick. As mind blowing as Izzy dick seemed… Ram had no problem cramming this huge dick in his ass and all the way down his throat! Goodtimes

SCody – SC-1576 Benson

Studio: SeanCody

I love rugby,” Benson told us. “I play every day.”
He’s an exercise science major who wants to be a personal trainer or physical therapist.“I want to work at a gym,
” he said. “I love the idea of helping people.”Lately he’s been doing a lot of competitions, including a “tough mudder”
run or two.One thing that he was very open about was the fact that he’s been with another guy.“It was actually a
couple of weeks ago after I broke up with my girlfriend,” he explained. “I decided I wanted something new!”
“Did you come in his mouth?” I asked.“Yes,” he replied.“Did he swallow it?”“Yep!”

Staxus – Bareback Monster Cocks – Julian Cooper Horny

For a variety of reasons there’s a whole army of guys out there who – rightly or wrongly – don’t quite have everything that nature originally blessed them with when it comes to the cock department. For them, foreskin play is a somewhat foreign experience; but if you’re a roundhead rather than a cavalier when it comes to penis-play don’t let this magnificent solo performance from one of the hottest young twinks on the scene put you off in any way.

SCody – SC-1570 Nate

Studio: SeanCody

Nate is a tall, lean guy who is a little bit shy!“I’m from the midwest,” he explained. “Very small town.”
“Really?” I asked. “How small?”“Well, I graduated with 16 people in my class!”
“Wow that is small! How many people are in the town?”“There’s about 500 people,” he said.
“So you know everyone else’s business?”“Yeah, pretty much!”He loves the small town life, though,
and he loves the outdoors.“I live on a ranch, so I love to ride horses… I love working outside,” he said.
“I love working with my hands!”

Staxus – Bareback Monster Cocks – Devon LeBron, Kurt Maddox

We’ve probably all been in situations where a linguistic barrier has prevented a full flow of information from one party or parties to another,
but whether we’ve tried to overcome such difficulties in quite the unorthodox manner that Kurt Maddox adopts here with Devon LeBron is another matter entirely.
Then again, it’s true that there are certainly times when actions speak louder than words;
and whilst the young twink could spend hours trying to communicate with the horse-hung Dominican via…

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