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Dream Boy Bondage – Lance Part 4, Shocked over and over

Lance looks at the shirtless, muscular young man with the whip, pleading with his eyes. This is no ordinary whipping. Lance is being lashed with a bullwhip while his lean body is stretched, making it even more sensitive to the cutting power of the whip. Talk! the man demands. Or we will crank you even tighter and leave you in agony for 10 hours! Lance remains silent. He will suffer unbelievable agonies for his country and his soldiers and will tell these men nothing. The next day his body is so broken, he offers no resistance as he is unbound, flipped over and spread-eagled on his back. He then realizes the whole process will now be repeated on his chest and abs.

Dream Boy Bondage – Lance Part 3, The electric chair

All Lt. Lance Schafer remembers is passing out in pain, bolted to a wall. Blindfolded and in complete darkness, he has loss track of time. Regaining consciousness, he realizes he is sitting on a metal chair in a cold room, bound by duct tape at his forearms and ankles. Then he hears the man’s voice: “Are you ready to talk, lieutenant?” he asks. “Fuck you!” Lance replies. He feels the young man’s hands on his chest and abs – is that a sexual touch? – then the biting pain of steel clamps clipped to his nipples. His blindfold is removed. He’s in a dark room with these two men. The older man sits in a chair directly opposite him. He is calmly explaining how electric current is about to travel through Lance’s body. Next week: Shocked over and over.

Dream Boy Bondage – Lance Part 2, Flipped around

“Talk!” the interrogated barks at the top of his lungs. “Go fuck yourself!” Lt. Lance Schafer barks back, his beautiful chest and stomach covered with red welts from dozens of brutal whip blows. Lance is determined to reveal nothing but his name, rank and serial number, as demanded by the Geneva Conventions. The interrogator and his muscular assistant don’t care one wit about such legal niceties. They will torture this young soldier until he breaks – and they’ll enjoy every minute of it. Lance is flipped around and bolted to the wall again. He’s punched hard in the kidneys, then his muscular back and firm, round ass, framed by his jock strap, are brutally whipped. “We have all day, lieutenant. Talk or suffer: It is completely your choice.” Next week: The electric chair.

Dream Boy Bondage – Lance Part 1, Soldier Boy

Lt. Lance Schafer is a military intelligence officer on his first mission. Barely 21, he is cocky and inexperience. Now he has been captured by an unknown enemy. He is literally bolted to a wall by his wrists and ankles. Blindfolded and gagged, he has been stripped of his uniform, down to his military-issue jock and camouflage T-shirt. Like most young Army officers, he wears his T-shirts tight, proud of his fit, young body. “You are going to pay for this,” he blurts out when Jared rips off his tape gag. Jared just laughs – and punches the young man hard in the gut – the first of several hard blows to his body. The young officer remains defiant. “Fuck you! I am not going to talk no matter what you do to me.” We’ll see if the whip will loosen his lips. Next week: Flipped around.

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