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Lucas – Bearded and Bushy

Studio: TheGuySite

It’s been a while since you’ve seen Lucas Knowles. With his luxurious flowing beard and thick pubes, I think he’s never looked better.

Chaosmen 1579 – Truman (solo)

Truman came to this shoot ready to show-off! A natural exhibitionist, he had thought he might be able to do porn. Unlike other guys, he has a few gay friends, so thought he might just skip the search for straight porn, and get right down to the serious business of making gay porn.
Though he is serious about it, but he is also all about having fun! You can tell how relaxed, charming, funny, and personable he is just in the few minutes of the opening interview. Great personality on this one!
He is straight, but very comfortable and sure about his sexuality, so he has no problems flirting or giving a guy a big bear hug. He had d runkenly messed around with a gay friend when he was young, but he doesn’t strike me as the curious or confused type. Just likes to show-off, and if it means messing around with dudes, he will bite into it with gusto! He is just one of the guys that as long as someone is watching him, he is turned on!
And boy does he jump into this solo. I had three guys in a row come in, all of them were 22, about to turn 23, and ready to make some birthday money. Truman, like the other two aired before him, just nails the solo with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 10 out of 10!
Truman is a super sexy dude, and I am for sure going to ask him to come back and do more.
You will love his hot body, natural pubes and most especially, his sexual energy!

BMason – Wolf Rayet

Studio: BlakeMason

Wolf is a handsome Italian who had some great experiences in his home country, but he’s enjoyed a lot of great action in London since he moved.

SlowTeasingHandjobs – Nervous Greg

Studio: SlowTeasingHandjobs

Greg is Kenneth’s best friend. He’s a 22 years old college student, straight and unattached, tall, slim and handsome. He’s also very nervous about getting a handjob from a man. It took him 2 months to decide to do it, and he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to perform. He was so uncomfortable he avoided eye contact with Rich during the interview. We are happy to report that Rich had him performing like a little pig, rock hard, with his balls really tight, struggling to get off as Rich teased and tormented him, slowly stroking his cock and massaging his sensitive straight-boy. He used his stroke then rest technique, gradually increasing the number of strokes in each set until Greg was overwhelmed with the pleasurable sensations and asking for permission to cum. Then he increased the pace but loosened his grip, making Greg strain and struggle, gasping and panting, to earn his nut.

Anal Slave Training


Format: avi
Duration: 2:01:43

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