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U.S. Male Studios – Flyin' Solo

For the ultimate in scalding-hot voyeuristic action, it’s time to load your weapons and take a long, hard aim at Paul Barresi’s “Flyin’ Solo”! On a dark stormy night, a group of the military’s macho ‘Top Guns’ suddenly take matters into their own hands! What happens next is the big-dicked, cum-slicked, power-pricked, jack-off epic of the year! Step into an all-military boner zone where the definition of “Bombardiers” and “Gunners” takes on a nut-churnin’ new meaning … and six, sin-sational, super-studs with all the right stuff join in formation in their hardest target practice ever!

Flyin’ Solo delivers a dick-driven, direct hit on the bone-bustin’ bulls-eye! And, with double cum-shot coverage, their prick-pops are a wonderful mouth watering, masturbatin’ mix of quality and quantity. So, get ready to blast off with “Flyin’ Solo” … and witness all the animal passion and masculine magnetism that one super-hot video can hold!


Hollywood Sales – Accounts Layable

Hung Michael Brandon and Mike Vista kiss. Mike slips Michael’s hard cock out of his pants and sucks him. After Brandon blows Vista, he turns Vista around and eats his ass. After 69ing, Brandon plays with and then fucks Vista’s ass. Vista cums during penetration and eats his cum. Brandon licks cum off of Vista’s stomach.

Kurt Wagner and Rick Fernandi kiss. They suck each other, and Kurt tims Rick’s ass. Kurt strokes Rick’s Italian, uncut dick while he fucks him, bringing Rick to orgasm. Kurt cums on Rick’s balls and licks his cum off of them.


Rage Video – Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love. A story of two lovers in search of true happiness. Both are committed to one another but each is looking for more. Director Jim Steele takes you on a mind blowing journey to the dark and seedy alley ways where love is cheap and the sex is nasty. How can two lovers be so far apart? But yet so close….


Bacchus – Autorotic

The only thing these men love more than their cars is a hard dick up their ass. Watch as our studs grind each other’s gearboxes and bend over for a lube job. This video will make you cum faster than a racecar. Just watch out, you don’t want to damage your tail pipe!!!


French Touch – Bawdy Guys

Brice from Bordeaux and his friends are prostitutes – their favorite target: Military men, but when they have no customers to satisfy their need, they fuck each other or suck their pimp to get warm together. Places (public restrooms, streets, backrooms) are chosen at random and those studs are very excited. Elected best French gay porn actor in 2004, on the gay channel Pink TV, Brice Farmer makes a very promising beginning!


French Lovers – Coming Out Cumming In

Young straight guys turning gays? They just have to find the good person to be initiated: a cowboy, a fortuitous meeting, an army comrade or a long time friend. They will discover how big and good fuckers they are, thanks to their friends. A new sex life is emerging!


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